Monday, November 21, 2011

Wonderfall Wine Tasting

Last week I needed to take a break from blogging. Life got a little crazy and I got a little burned out. But, things are settling back to normal, so let me share with you some of the things I've been up to!  Today, I'd like to share with you a wine tasting party I hosted.  Last year, I was doing my 1 party a month challenge and in November I hosted this Paris themed wine tasting party.  My friends and I had so much fun, we decided to make it an annual fall tradition.  The holiday season can be really hard for everyone to coordinate their schedules so we get some girl time in just before the insanity!
This year's theme was Wonderfall Wine Tasting. Okay, okay, so I didn't come up with the name all on my own. Hopefully Pier 1 isn't too mad I used their fall slogan!
For our wine tasting party this year, I planned a menu of appetizers and desserts and asked each person to bring a bottle of a certain wine. They were given their wine assignments and could choose any wine of any price within that variety.  This way, the stress (and cost!) is taken off of me, and everyone gets to contribute to the fun!
I set up this whimsical tasting table for us to sit, taste, and enjoy our food and company!
Over table I hung orange paper lanterns that were embellished with cardstock and floral wire to look like pumpkins. 
I also made these wine bottle candle holders! I found this PIN and followed the tutorial! One word of advice, use rubbing alcohol instead of nail polish remover.  And let it burn until it goes out.  Works waaay better and is a lot less frustrating!
Each place setting had a tasting notes sheet.  It indicated who brought the wine and a space to write in what the wine was, also what food it was paired with.  You could make notes as well as indicate a star rating.
For our final course I made mini pies for each guest.  I was inspired by this PIN for the leaf crust. 

We had such a fun time, and every single wine we tasted rocked! 

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Hello Jessie, I was just thinking with Thanksgiving coming up and you being such talented baker, what you were doing for the holiday. Needless to say, you are defiantly doing your fairytale frostings and making everything look so nice! Can't wait to see your Christmas spread and recipes.



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