Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Summer Home Projects

Autumn is almost here. I looove autumn.  However, on this rainy chilly day, I started to reflect on all the stuff we accomplished this summer! I'd like to share a couple of projects with you. We started in June by putting a patio in our backyard.  Back in June my camera card corrupted so I lost a lot of photos, including our "before" pics. However, this is a photo of me, in the backyard when we bought the house in 2009.
I am really excited for this random small fence in the backyard.  This was the first thing to go when we moved in. This photo gives you a good idea of what this part of our backyard looked like before.
This photo is just after the patio was finished.  We decided to have a ribbon cutting ceremony!
And just for fun, here is another shot of the patio!
We actually dug this baby out ourselves, by hand, over the course of a week. We took the dirt and hauled it around the house to level out the grading, as well as created a raised garden.  However, due to how late it was into June, the garden didn't do very well. Darn. I was hoping for tomatoes!
The picnic table was actually left behind by the original owners.  Its a well made table, but the brown paint is peeling pretty bad.
I decided that we needed something that popped! I am obsessed with the graphic prints trend.  I loooove Greek key....

What do you think?!  I am in love with this color!! The Greek key pattern took me about 2 hours to tape off. It was tedious, but worth the end result. The sad part is, I painted the white first, taped off the design and went over with the blue. I used some old white paint we had in the garage, and unfortunately the quality of the paint reared its ugly head when I pulled the tape off. So, we have a "distressed" Greek key pattern! That's alright, I love it flaws and all!
Did any of you do any fun backyard projects this summer?


  1. Oh you all could come and dig out patios for us anytime, it looks so fine and useful. You sure did a good job, and the picnic table! oh my, buy you are busy! love it. We are patio-less, but will make one out of the floor of an old tin building we gave away. Had to keep the wooden floor, too much money wrapped up in it and it 'has' to be the patio soon... Labor day is coming.

  2. You did an awesome job on the patio Jess and I LOVE your table...wow!



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