Monday, June 27, 2011

Inspired Monday: Goddess Cake

I was cruising Flickr today and  found this amazing cake. It literally took my breath away.

I am currently designing a small dessert table for my upcoming blogiversary and this is right in line with what I envisioned for a theme.  I would never be able to recreate it, but it sure is inspiring.  For more of my blogiversary inspiration check out my Pinterest board.


  1. Credit for this fabulous cake should go to Karen Portello of Highland bakery as SHE is the creator of it. That is one thing I don't like about Pintrest. After something gets pinned and re-pinned so many times, the original creator of true works of art such as this never receive the credit they so deserve.

  2. Hi There. Thank you for your comment. Please understand, I was not suggesting that I was the creator of this cake. I clearly state in the text that I was inspired by it. Also, something to note, when you pin something on Pinterest, it links back to where you pinned it from. In this case it does in fact link back to Karen Portello/Highland Bakery's flickr account. This post was meant to share works I was inspired by, not to try to take any credit, glory, or fame from the original creator.



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