Tuesday, May 3, 2011

You Capture: Pink

I fell behind on my You Capture posts.  I know, I hang my head in shame.  I had grand intentions of taking "Spring" photos, and then it got cold, and gray, and lame outside. So I sorta forgot. I meant to take the "Smile" photos too, but it just happened to be a week where smiling, and finding people smiling, wasn't something I was in the mood for.
However, this week was Pink.  I was working on Easter stuff (read THIS post for why I am behind on Easter), and photo ops presented themselves. 
 This is Bob.  He's a flamingo. We met in 2003, on spring break in Fort Meyers Beach, FL.  He wobbles his head and sayings like "Yesserd" (its a Pharrell and Snoop Dogg reference btw).  Anyway, Bob and I have had some pretty great times.  I found him hiding in the garage.  Poor guy, was all lonely out there.  Its OK now, I brought him inside.
 Peeps. What can I say about them?  These two in particular, their fate ended as S'meeps later that day.
Jelly Beans. I painstakingly picked out all of the pink jelly beans from 4 bags of beans.  I had actually meant to make these cute gifts, packaging them as "bunny noses" but I ran out of time.  Now then beckon me from their bowl on my dining room table.  The siren call of jelly beans is impossible to resist.

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