Thursday, January 27, 2011

Photography Challenge!

In 2010 I participated in a photography challenge, the 365 Photo Challenge. I had to take a photo every single day for 365 days. I just completed it on January 15th. It was such a fun experience, and quite amazing how many times I was like "oh yeah! I forgot about that!" when I would go through an review my photos.
My friend Jackie (Check out her blog here) turned me on to that challenge and now she told me about this one, called You Capture.
I jumped on during the challenge for Circles (details here) This is the photo I took. Its a light fixture at a sushi restaurant I went to recently. I want to expand content on my blog to express all of my passions and adventures so I hope you'll enjoy these challenge posts!
I am one week into the challenge and have to admit an oops! I thought she posted every week what the subject was after already photographing it herself. Turns out there is a teenie tiny spot that says what "next week's challenge" is. So I am actually behind a week. Last week's assignment was "Happy" and this week's assignment is "Red", so I guess I'll be playing catch up on both this week!
I hope you will enjoy my photography journey and maybe even join yourself!

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