Monday, September 3, 2012

Drinks on the Patio Part III: Stake Holder

Last week I showed you how to make wine glass holders and beer holders both of which work great in the ground. However, if you're like me, you have a brick or concrete patio and stakes just don't really cut it. To solve this problem, I constructed these....
I wanted my drink stakes to sit basically at arms level so I picked up 2 terra cotta pots of the same size.
I have bright colors on my patio, so I painted the pots and then glued the bottoms together with E6000 Glue. I also glued 4 of those plastic furniture sliders to the bottom of the base pot. I found them at Target, and instead of using the foam stickers, I just glued them on.  This way, I can move the pots around without it scraping up my patio.
I filled the top pot with potting soil and in addition to adding in the stakes I planted some potato vine in it. To cover the dirt I used white dried kidney beans.
I do have another pot on my patio that's a bit larger and just a single one.  I used this for 2 wine glass holders and the wine bottle holder that came with my original purchased set (read about that here)
If you don't want the height of the stacked pots, the same principle applies to just using a single pot.  I filled that with potting soil and covered with kidney beans. 
Now you have a fun unique spot to hold all of your drinks while entertaining on your patio!

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